We partnered with Operation Christmas Child

Our company and Operation Christmas Child are a match made in Heaven.  They distribute stuffed toys to show kids the love of Jesus - and we make stuffed toys to introduce kids to Jesus. 

We love what they do but really feel the shoebox content be Christ centric.  Rather than a stuffed duck, a Christian mission should send a stuffed Jesus.  OCC agrees and that's why donated over 1000 dolls to their mission.

Operation Christmas Child is a mission of Samaritans' Purse that distributes 11 million shoeboxes full of gifts each year to children in need all around the world.  Boxes are made by Christians and sent to OCC who distributes them worldwide.

We made the Shoebox Jesus Doll for this specific mission - it is inexpensive, fits in a shoebox, is made for boys or girls, of any age, and is known in all languages.  It is the ideal children's outreach gift for missionary work.

Jeff Porter over OCC Corporate Partnerships said "The Jesus dolls arrived a few minutes ago and they look GREAT!  I wanted to personally thank you for this wonderful donation. The children will love these gifts!"  That warms our hearts.

Update.  We just got a personal letter from Franklin Graham thanking us for our support.  He said "These are great and the Children will love them".  We agree 100%!

We will continue to donate with your support.  Now, we promised that we would send 100,000 dolls next year.  Stay tuned.