The Talking Jesus Doll

The Talking Jesus Doll is a beautiful plush doll that speaks 10 of Jesus phrases from the Bible. Boot the bunny and put Jesus in your kids Easter basket.

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Check out this Gab post from Andrew Torba, Easter 2022:


How Gab inspired us to make a children's toy.


Gab features Talking Jesus Doll in blog.


We were featured in official Gab gifit guide.


Why we made a Talking Jesus Doll


To them its a toy. To you its a tool.

The Talking Jesus Doll makes Jesus tangible for children in their critical formative years. Seeing, holding and hearing Jesus helps to accelerate awareness and acceptance.

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Put Christ back in Christian holy days.

A gift of Jesus projects priority. Talking Jesus Doll is the perfect religious gift for birthdays, Baptisms, Bible school, Easter, confirmations, Christenings and (of course) Christmas.

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Talk About Jesus.

The Talking Jesus Doll is the the single greatest icebreaker and conversation starter about Jesus in history - except for those miracles.

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Teach your kids before the World does.

Who is going to reach your kids first?You are.But it is a race - so give Jesus early and often; always and in all ways.

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People love our product. It is loved on 4 continents and has hundreds of 5-star reviews from verified customers!

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